2020 Women Opera Makers Workshop



Workshop open to women composers, authors, stage directors and conductors who have at least 5 years considerable experience in their respective field

In a few short years, the Women Opera Makers Workshop has become one of the Académie’s most symbolic programs. Led by the theatre director Katie Mitchell, the workshop aims to reduce the professional inequalities between men and women in the field of opera. The workshop provides concrete career development tools, support, and advice for women present in the opera industry in order to support them in their craft and their abilities to communicate this craft. This year, the workshop will take place entirely online. Within the framework of this workshop, the participants will e-meet the conductor Susanna Mälkki and Sofi Oksanen, author of the libretto of Innocence, whose world première was scheduled to take place this summer at the Festival d'Aix.



Katie Mitchell — Stage director


Susanna Mälkki — Conductor
Sofi Oksanen — Playwright


Chris Bush, Violeta Cruz, Penda Diouf, Beatriz Fernández Aucejo, Samantha Fernando*, Stacy Hardy, Anna Himali Howard, Daniela Kerck, Carmen C. Kruse, Patricia Martinez, Natalie Murray Beale, Silvina Peruglia, Helena Röhr, Sita Thomas

* Participant supported by institution member of enoa network: Snape Maltings — Aldeburg


With the support of

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