Opera On

Public Opera On Grand Théâtre de Provence
© Vincent Beaume
Under 30 years old and live in the Aix area? Whether you are passionate or just curious about opera, come and join us at Opéra ON – the youth programme of the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence!


Throughout the year Opéra ON invites you to dive into the world of the Festival and its performances:

  • a top-category seat costing only €9 for the operas and 8€ for the concerts
  • a special ticketing service
  • from January to July, a series of highlights and convivial events to get to know the 74th edition of the Festival

Opéra ON: How does it work?

1) Complete the registration form on line,
and join the Festival d’Aix Opéra ON Facebook group.

2) From January to July, keep updated on the latest news
about the operas and concerts of the 2022 programme.

3) In June, take advantage of a special online ticketing service to book your tickets at an Opéra ON price of €9 for operas and €8 for concerts.

Booking instructions will be announced at a later date.

Enrolment in the programme is free. Start experiencing the Festival d’Aix now!

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